Why Brockman Orthodontics


Braces are braces, right? Wrong! There are huge differences from orthodontic office to orthodontic office. This is not only true of the “hardware” (braces) used, but in every aspect. Your final result can be affected by these differences.

Let’s examine what some of those differences are:

  1. Dr. Brockman’s goal is to create exquisite, natural-looking smiles and to make sure that the jaw joint and the bite are correct.
  2. Your safety is of utmost importance in our orthodontic office. We use hospital-grade sterilization. We never re-use brackets.
  3. We make every effort to be on time for your appointment. We know your time is valuable. Appointments are usually scheduled at 6-10 week intervals.
  4. The combination of high-tech appliances, wires and braces have many advantages for you:
  • Less time away from school or work
  • Fewer appointments
  • Shorter time in the dental chair
  • Faster, more comfortable tooth movement
  1. Our staff’s enthusiastic and caring attitude toward our patients and their families will make your time at the office more pleasurable.
  2. Special emphasis is placed on homecare. Excellent oral hygiene is our goal.
  3. We will always communicate with you so that you will know exactly what is happening. We invite your questions.
  4. Our communication with your family dentist is ongoing so that we can work together to attain what is best for you.
  5. We are always available for emergency appointments even on non-patient days.
  6. The vast majority of our referrals come from our current and past patients. We appreciate their confidence in our office!

Brockman Orthodontics

  • Main Office - 5945 S. 56th St., Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68516 Phone: 402-420-2400
  • Columbus Office - 3021 13th St., Columbus, NE 68601 Phone: 402-562-5220
  • Beatrice Office - 204 Crest Dr., Beatrice, NE 68310 Phone: 402-223-4100
  • Seward Office - 137 N. 7th St., Seward, NE 68434 Phone: 402-643-3909
  • David City Office - 597 E. St., David City, NE 68632 Phone: 402-367-3005

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