Adult Treatment

Congratulations on the decision to pursue orthodontic treatment!

Did you know that there is an ever-growing number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment? At Brockman Orthodontics, approximately 20% of our patients are 18 years and older. We even have patients who are in their 70s, so you are not alone!

As an adult, you have made the decision to improve your dental condition. There are many good reasons to pursue treatment:

  1. Improve aesthetics
  2. Correct poor function and fit of teeth
  3. Correct skeletal discrepancies in conjunction with tooth alignment
  4. Improve ability to care for teeth – better hygiene
  5. Correct temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  6. Improve periodontal conditions
  7. Minor tooth movement for further general dental work

We offer the latest technology in braces and aesthetic (clear) braces to make you comfortable during your treatment. Appointments will be kept to a minimum to conform to your busy schedule.

If your treatment requires cooperation with another dental specialist (general dentist, periodontist, oral surgeon), we will work with them to help you achieve the best results possible.

If you have any questions during treatment, or if there are changes required in your treatment plan, please ask for clarification. A well-informed and well-educated patient will have the best outcome.